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    Two Adobe Reader versions installed: Can't remove ver 8.2.2


      I want to know how to remove one of the two versions of Adobe Reader, both of which are now installed (simultaneously) on my Windows XP Home Edition system.


      Add/Remove programs shows both of these:


      -- Reader v8.2.2 (This is the one I can't get rid of).

      -- Reader v9.3xx (This is the one I want to keep).


      I can't remove the v8.2.2 program. Error message says to ask the vendor how to do it (or, something like that). Here I am, asking politely.


      It should have been removed automatically (in my opinion) when I attempted to install version 9.3xx, but it didn't. Typical.


      I need a simple solution that works.


      Note: Version 10xx messed up my entire computer badly, therefore I do not want to install it again. It cost me a small fortune to get my OS running again. It was not a virus or malware, either. My system was clean before installing version 10xx.

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          pwillener Level 8

          I am a bit confused by your post; first you mention v8.2.2 and v9.3.xx, then later v10xx...?  There is no Adobe Reader v10.x - where did you get it from?  Or are you mixing things up with Flash Player?  Please clarify!


          As for Reader 8.2.2, you can easily remove it with the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.  It is no longer supplied by Microsoft, but using Google you can still find dozens of alternate download locations.

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            Kreelor Level 1

            You are correct. It was Adobe Flash v10xx that I meant instead of Reader.


            I did a lot of reading in various web sites and forums about Microsoft's "Cleaner" tool that you recommended. Most people are saying that it can actually cause more problems than it solves. That's the main reason Microsoft stopped offering it. Apparently, the cleaner tool doesn't distinguish specific programs and their requirements when it removes dll's and other filetypes. It just removes all of them, which can disable other programs on my system that need them.


            I wrote, originally hoping that Adobe itself would know how to get rid of a program that THEY put on my system. Yes, I agreed to installing it, but I believe any company who produces something for the Windows user-market, should make certain that people can uninstall it completely. It's their product. I shouldn't have to beg for help, go to Microsoft or any other place to get utilities (which are no longer supported!), to merely uninstall a program.


            And, I noticed that this forum offers no way for me to EDIT my own posts! That's a shame, because I'd like to re-word it.


            Although I appreciate your replying to me very much, at this point I'm afraid to use the utility you suggested. There must, or should be some other way to get rid of a program (which ADD/REMOVE Programs can't do). Adobe is at fault.


            If I don't get another solution soon, I'll just delete this entire topic.


            Thank you, again.

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              Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

              1. I know this is no guarantee, but the MS Cleanup Utility has worked all right for problems such as yours for many people -myself included.

              2. You are not addressing Adobe here, just fellow users.

              3. You can always edit your messages in this forum until someone posts an answer.

              4. You can try to delete this topic if you wish, but I doubt you'll succeed.

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                pwillener Level 8

                The Windows Installer Cleanup Utility is not a "Cleaner" tool.  It was designed to help remove Windows Installer applications that got corrupted.


                You have such a case: Adobe Reader 8.2.x got corrupted, and cannot be uninstalled the normal way.  (However, this situation should not have allowed you to install Reader 9.x - I do not quite understand how this was possible.)


                The Windows Installer Cleanup Utility will remove the application you specify; nothing else.  However, it has in some cases interfered with Office 2007 - this is why Microsoft has removed it.  I still recommend the utility, but if you have Office 2007 installed, please make a System Restore Point before proceeding.


                If you do not want to use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, you can try to use the Uninstaller section of CCleaner (Tools | Uninstall).  In fact I would be very interested to know if CCleaner can remove a corrupted Adobe Reader installation, then we don't need to depend on a "retired" Microsoft utility.


                I would appreciate your feedback on the matter.

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                  Kreelor Level 1

                  Well, I guess I'm finished with this topic. I'll mark it as answered.


                  I did not use CCleaner, therefore I can't let you know how it worked on this issue. I made the decision, and went ahead and used the Microsoft tool. BTW, I used the word "cleaner," because it does have the word "Cleanup" in its name ("Windows Installer Cleanup Utility"), and that was much easier to refer to it that way; due to much less typing!


                  Thank you (everyone!) for your help and advice. Your solution for this issue worked for me.


                  Now, I have to figure out how to get my system to boot-up and run properly again. Somehow, something is corrupted; constant Fatal errors, and Windows Explorer.exe errors almost everytime I use Windows Explorer. Even after restoring system to known, good restore points, it goes "Black" after logging in, and performs "cold" reboots automatically. But..... that's another topic.


                  Thanks again,


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                    pwillener Level 8

                    Thank you for your feedback, and good luck with your other issues.  Perhaps try http://fixitcenter.support.microsoft.com/ (note the BETA tag; here too a backup is recommended before proceeding).