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    JMS messaging not working with LCDS and Fiorano


      Hi there,


      Been struggling at this all day with no luck. I have a finished Flex application which uses JMS messaging, and it has worked just fine on my Tomcat server while using ActiveMQ. As soon as I switched to using the JMS provider Fiorano however, my application can no longer use JMS resources. It fails whenever the application tries to subscribe or publish to a JMS topic. I made all the appropriate JMS related changes to messaging-config.xml.


      In the tomcat log, I turned on LCDS debugging and saw this error whenever a publisher or subscriber was trying to start:

      "JMS invocation caught exception: SECURITY_EXCEPTION :: Security exception occurred while trying to perform operation :: CreateSubscriber failed,creation of Non-durable Subscriber NOT allowed."


      I am passing my JMS security credentials via messaging-config.xml AND even tried doing it via the Flex application (setRemoteCredentials(..)). I know they are correct because I have a working Java application with the exact same credentials and other JMS settings working just fine. It seems only the Flex application fails using the same JMS credentials/settings.


      Is there some other file that needs modification other than messaging-config.xml to get a new JMS provider to work? Any idea what may be going on?