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    Problems with RemoteObject?


      I've got an application that uses RemoteObjects, built for web.  I'm porting it to AIR now, but the RemoteObject code which works just fine built for web is failing when built for AIR.


      When I invoke a method on a RemoteObject, I get a fault with the following error condition:


      faultDetail    "Channel.Connect.Failed error Invalid URL url: 'null'"



      What's strange is that I have verified that the URL going into the Channel.  And as I said, this code works perfectly when built for web.


      Using Flex 4 with the latest AIR SDK.


      I've tried setting the endpoint directly, which gives the same result.  Also please note I'm not using MXML to create my RO's, I'm doing it all in AS3 using ChannelSets and all that.


      Any ideas what's wrong?