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    Flex and commercial apps?


      Hi everyone. I have a simple question:

      is it possibile to use the free Flex SDK to develop a commercial application or any generic application that could lead to money income? I know this is probably stated in the license but english is not my native language and I'm not good with licensing terms, so I can't understand if I can develop and distribute such application or if I have to buy some particular Adobe license/subscription to develop commercial apps. I stress the fact that using the  "commercial" word I mean a generic app that could make me gain some money, including for example a free app with a Donate button, other than the classic sellable product.


      I hope someone can give me a reliable answer


      Have a nice day


      C. PG.

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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          In short; yes, knock yourself out!


          In a slightly longer answer.  We live in a sue happy world and Adobe employees are generally not allowed to comment on, or discuss intricate meanings of current licensing terms.  So, they can't tell you what the license means, but they'll sure sue you if they think you're in violation.


          At the end of the day, it is your responsibility to discuss your intended use with your legal counsel to decide if your use is permitted.

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