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    Multiple Module Project Best Practice

    JohnJ Level 1

      Ok getting ready to start a new project that will contain over 40 hours of streaming video. Since it is streaming video and very long I'm looking to setup the following project:


      1-The user has the option to self study any of the topics or modules in any order and can come back as many times as they want as long as all of them are complete in the end at some point in time.


      2-Each topic or module will have up to 8 streaming video slides followed by a 5 question random pool quiz. (we are doing the quiz to make sure the learner did not just skip through the video since it is streaming)


      3-The master page we want to make use of the advanced actions and custom variables to identify which topics are in progress and which ones are complete.


      4-When all modules or topics are complete we want the user to then have the option to a-print a certificate of completion and b-send a "complete" message back to the LMS.


      5-Since it is self paced it would be best that the person when they return to the training start at the homepage versus where they left off in bookmarking.


      LMS Limitations


      1- We are using an LMS (SCORM Cloud) 2004, but all navigation and has to be in an html or captivate window. The LMS will not launch the individual modules.


      What I do know about captivate 5 limitations-


      1-Only one quiz or assessment per project - So forced to go multiple project with aggregator?


      2-Want to use user defined variables to track in progress and completed status and use logic so when all parts are done offer the certificate and complete button - Captivate does not out of the box carry the values of user defined variables from one session to another.


      3-Print a quality certificate of completion> The one in CP4 looked cheesy


      So any ideas or best advice to accomplish this?