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    Camera Raw Title Bar stuck behind taskbar

    Jonathon P Level 1

      Hi Adobe Experts!


      I have recently started using Windows 7 on one of my machines and it is causing a few headaches with CS4 and CS5.


      When I open Camera Raw in Win7 it seems to have a fixed window height. That is, the top of the C-Raw window is at the top of the screen and the title bar (where the 'Open Image', Cancel' & 'Done' buttons live) is stuck behind the taskbar. This is the case with both CS4 and CS5.


      I have installed both CS4 & CS5 on my XP SP2 machine and C-Raw makes the window height from the top of the screen to the top of the taskbar allowing full, easy operation.


      I have tried to drag the C-Raw window around the screen and then adjust the height but it will not allow a window height change. You can change the width of the C-Raw window as much as you like, but not the height.. (?????)


      I wonder if anyone else is having this problem and if there are known fixes...

      Does C-Raw maybe not recognise that my new screen is 16:9?


      Any advice on this frustrating little quirk would be greatly appreciated!


      Many thanks! Jonathon