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    array of strings populate combobox


      Hi flexUsers,


      I'm very new to Flex/Flash. I'm currently trying the trial version of Flash Builder and I'm very happy with it right now. It was hard to get a grasp on all the different terms and what does what, but I'm starting to get it.


      Anyway,.. I have a problem populating my combobox.


      I have a php service that retrieves data from a SQL database and returns an array of strings. When I bind this in Flex (using Data/Services) then I only get one item in my combobox which is the entire array from my service with the addition of comma seperation. In short I get one item in my combobox that looks like:


      "one, two, three, four"


      when I actually wanted was 4 items like:







      I've tried countless ways of doing this and haven't been very successful... can someone point me in the right direction?


      kind regards,

      orgCrisium (Peter Wraae Marino)