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    Pre E8 - imported video playback - what is wrong?

    patrickbrown33 Level 1

      Hi there,

                        I'm using Pre E8.  I did install the 8.01 patch today.  I've imported video from my Sony Handycam HDR-CX350 into the organizer.  Whenever I add that video to a project, it plays back in the monitor panel very poorly.  It clearly has errors (hard to describe in words). 


                        My source formatting does match my project formatting (I'm almost sure):  NTSC AVCHD 1080i 30 (1440 x 1080).  My camcorder is set at HD HQ.  When you select       >window>info    for the clip, it indicates  30fps  1440 x 1080.   I have the correct setting right?


                      I tried many of the other project formatting presets and they all have no positive effect on the video playback.


                     In the organizer, if I right-click the video and select "play video", a new window opens up and it plays perfectly fine.  It also plays perfectly fine in WMP.



      It must be some setting that I don't have right.  Any ideas?  Anyone who offers help - it is appreciated.



      Thanks,    Patrick



      Dell Sudio XPS 9100, Core i7 920, Radeon HD 5770, 8 GB Ram, 24" flat screen monitor,  Windows 7, Premiere Elements 8

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Your computer should play this material just fine, unless there is a bottleneck in the I/O sub-system, i.e. the HDD's. Can you also furnish the details on your I/O, including: the number of HDD's, their size, speed, free space and how you have them allocated?


          Also, when you drag the Clips from the Project Panel to the Timeline, do you have a red line above the Clips? If so, what happens, when you hit Enter to Render the Clips for the smoothest playback?


          Though it should not affect the playback, what is the Audio setting on your camera? Does it record to DD 5.1 SS, or 2-channel (stereo)? Does that part of the Preset also match?


          Now, there is a great deal of difference between using a simple player, and then editing (and playback from the editor) that same footage. That a Clip plays in WMP, VLC, or other simple player is not indicator of how it will play, when being edited.


          Good luck,



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            patrickbrown33 Level 1

            Thanks to both of you for your reply.  I have 2 identical 1.5 TB drives, specs below:


            SeriesBarracuda 7200.11
            PackagingBare Drive
            InterfaceSATA 3.0Gb/s
            RPM7200 RPM
            Average Latency4.16ms
            Physical Spec
            Form Factor3.5"
            Manufacturer Warranty
            Parts3 years limited
            Labor3 years limited


            They are not set up using any RAID configuration.  I divided each drive into 2 partitions (4 total partitions) to organize different types of data:


            C:\     OS + programs:     317.29 GB capacity /  237.47 GB free space  

            D:\     Backups:      518,36 GB capacity /  480.08 GB free space

            E:\     Movies:         1079.88 GB capacity /  239.87 GB free space

            L:\     Music + Data    878.91 GB capacity /  357.41 GB free space


            That provides most of the info. you requested.  I will post the rest in the next 5 or 10 minutes.   Thanks

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              So you have partitioned each physical HDD into 2 logical HDD's. Is that correct? Unfortunately, that does slow down the read/write cycles quite a bit. This ARTICLE will give you some more details.


              The good news is that you ARE spreading the OS and programs on one physical disk, and then the Projects and media on the other physical disk. Other than the partitions on Disk1 trying to provide reads/writes for the OS and the program, it's better than having those functions on the same physical disk, as the OS and programs.


              More good news is that both physical HDD's are 7200 RPM, which is the minimum for AV playback, and is more than adequate.


              Not sure that this would be enough of a bottleneck to cause playback issues.





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                patrickbrown33 Level 1

                When I move the clip from the project panel to the timeline there is no red line above the clip.


                My camcorder captures audio in stereo and not 5.1.  This does match the preset.


                I am a newbie at this and was just beginning working through "Adobe Premiere Elements 8:  Classroom in a Book"  from Adobe and I was on chapter 3.  As of chapter 3 it had not said anything about rendering and I must confess that I did not know what it was (or really still don't).


                Because of your post, I went back into the program, dragged a clip to the timeline, hit enter, the rendering completed and the clip seems to look good.  This must've been the problem.  Thank you for your help.  I should've stated I was a newbie and that would've likely thrown up some more red flags for you.






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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Rendering is the process of producing an intermediate file, that is really just for playback. When one has Imported and placed a Clip onto the Timeline, if there is any mismatch between the specs. of that Clip and the Project Preset, there should be a little red line above the Clip(s). This indicates that playback will not be as smooth, as it could be. However, it will often be smooth enough to edit, and I often complete entire Projects with bunches of red lines, and never bother to Render. However, when doing something like Keyframing animation, etc., I might well Render a small section of the Timeline many dozens of times. Remember, Rendering is JUST for the smoothest possible playback, and nothing more, but when needed, can be night vs day with regard to playback. Also, if one is only concerned about a small section of the Timeline, such as my example above, the WAB (Work Area Bar) can be set to just that, so that one does not have to Render the entire Timeline, saving much time.


                  Though from PrE 4.0, this will show you both the WAB and the red lines, indicating that for the smoothest playback, one should Render:


                  Now, what surprises me a bit is that you did NOT have the red line (shown above in a couple of places), which would indicate that Rendering was not necessary. When one has the red line and then hits Enter, that line will turn green. When everything is "perfect" there will not be a line, until one adds, say an Effect, a Transition or perhaps an overlay Title - basically changing the Video footage. Rendering did improve things, which is good, but for it to improve the playback, I would have anticipated the red line. This puzzles me, but maybe others can explain what happened - and I will learn something new from your question.


                  That the Clips now playback well, is good news, and maybe my puzzlement is needless.


                  Good luck and happy editing,




                  PS - I did not realize the Adobe had a CiaB for PrE. I have many dozens of them for other Adobe programs, but just was unaware that there was one for PrE. That is good news. If it's half as good as the PrPro versions for CS3 thru CS5, by Curt Wrigley, it's a great book. His are about the best in that entire series.

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                    patrickbrown33 Level 1

                    You can rest easy Bill.  I was mistakenly looking for the red line in the sceneline view.  After seeing the photo you posted, I switched over to timeline view with a fresh clip and the red line was indeed there.  After rendering it then became green and the playback was smooth. 


                    Thank you very much for you help in solving this problem and in giving an explanation of rendering,



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Well, you had me poking around a bunch of books in my library, trying to figure things out. No problem, however, as I found answers to questions that I have been meaning to research for some time.


                      Good luck,