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    how to put all actionscript in one frame instead of on buttons themselves?


      so i have a simple project where I have my actions script on each button itself.


      I'd like to have one actionscript file on the main timeline controlling everything instead of having to drill down to change the AS for a button.


      I have two scenes. Scene none has a button forcing to scene 2. When i put code on main timeline it broke my button that is on Scene 2 that allows me to jump around in that timeline to different frame labels.


      what did I do wrong?


      Original AS on Button instance bldg1_thumb1:

      on (release) {
          _parent.gotoAndStop ("Building 1 Big 1");


      New AS on Controlling Frame in Main Timeline:

      bldg1_thumb1.onRelease=function () {
          _parent.gotoAndStop ("Building 1 Big 1");