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    Audio sync problem

    bradleysteenkamp Level 1

      Right, was hoping it wouldn't come to this...


      ...lately CS5 has developed an audio sync problem on my computer. I'm editing some live music content using multi angles. I've got my audio mix all done and imported so I've lined up my clips to edit. This is all fine, but, when I re-open the project the audio no longer plays in sync with the video. It will remain this way until mess around with the system, close the program, eject drives etc. But, it's never consistent!


      Is anyone else having problems with audio not playing back in sync?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Can you please furnish us with details on your Sequence, and on the Assets, i.e. the Video and the Audio? Complete details are much better.


          Also, are you in Multi-cam mode?


          eject drives etc.

          Can you define what you are doing here? Are you perhaps editing from DVD's, VCD's, something else?


          It might also be useful to know the I/O sub-system of your computer, i.e. your HDD's, their size, speed, controller type, and how you have them allocated.


          Thanks for that info, and good luck,