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    Premiere CS5 poor ram usage...

    Hand Crank Media

      I'm running premiere pro cs5 on windows 7, with the following specs:


      i7 860 quad core

      8 Gigs of Ram

      NVidia XFX 7600GS

      1TB Samsung F3 Drives - Raid 1

      500 gig scratch drive



      I'm trying to export some HDV files, 24p, Cineform etc, but I'm receiving very poor performance.  When exporting my CPU usage is only 25%-30%, which I think is rather pathetic.  I've assigned 6gig of ram to premiere, why is it using so little memory? I've found rendering footage in Virtual Dub uses about 80% of my CPU, which is much more to my satisfaction.  Is there a way to adjust premiere to work more efficiently?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          CPU load depends on the export format and on the speed of other components. And while you left out relevant details, why is the topic 'poor ram usage' and you only talk about CPU load.


          Consider a Smart and a Ferrari, both stuck in a traffic jam. They have about the same speed at that moment, even though the Ferrari has more horse power and a higher potential speed. So the job is to figure out what is causing the traffic jam and do something about it. Same with your system.

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            FuelMe Level 1

            Even though you reserved 6Gigs of Ram for Premiere, The OS itself will probably use/reserve more than the 2 Gigs you've left it (AFAIK). After the OS and the other programs you might have running at the same time take/reserve what they need, I bet there's a lot less than those 6Gigs Premiere can use.


            About the CPU, make sure you have Priority for PPro and the Encoder set to "Normal", or better yet, High or even Realtime. Should be Normal by default but doesn't hurt to double check (Task Manager > Processes ). I know some folks are saying this doesn't make a difference but I've found it does on my system, albeit not a lot.



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              jeremy d. Level 3

              Like Harm said -- near as we can tell, your post is about CPU usage, but the conversation has turned toward ram allocation, which is a different function altogether.


              Is that correct?

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                Hand Crank Media Level 1

                My apologies if my thread title was misleading, but I thought that CPU, Cores, and Ram were all interconnected as far as performance goes?


                FuelMe, thank you for the suggestion, though I'm afraid it made no significant difference.

                I'm curious, what kind of Ram, CPU and core performance are you guys seeing during rendering?

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Depense on the source material and sequence settings, CPU, memory, video card and disk setup, but in general anything between 0% and 100% during rendering.


                  The question is like what mileage do you get per gallon? Depends on the bicycle, car, truck, vessel, airplane, the payload, the speed, the terrain, the height, the temperature, etc. Anything from 0 to 100 gallons per mile.