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    Interactive swf


      Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following problem.  I am trying to

      make an swf interactive.  It's 1 second long (24frames) and when the website loads I want to it hold on frame 1 until the mouse rolls over the swf.

      Thats the first problem.


      The second is that when the mouse moves away I would like the animation to reverse back to frame 1 so there is a smooth transition between when the mouse rolls over the swf and when the mouse is away from the swf.


      There has to be a way to do this in Flash Catalyst


      Any help would be appreciated!




      Arvind Sond

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          arvindsond Level 1

          Does anyone have any idea on this problem, some1 must have come across this issue or possibly know a workaround?



          Thx again



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            1. Click off any image or component.

            2. Click on 'Add Interaction'

                 On Application Start

                      Play Action Sequence

            3. Click on the image and convert to button

                 Double click on the button

                      Click on 'on roll over'

                           Now add what ever you want to the button and area. Add any animation for smoothing etc..

            4. Set the image to invisible, and the interaction:

                 Fade: 0 to 100   |    Speed: <how long you want it to fade>