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    Online Store In Flex

      Hi all... Am currently in the process of building an online store, the database is a MySQL database, and I originally was going to do the whole thing in PHP... But have started to look into building it in Flex as an option... I have posted on a heap of web forums and no one there will really stick up for Flex so thought I'd post here to get some feedback from the other side of the coin so to speak...

      Obviously an online store IS achievable in Flex, but is it advisable? I'm assuming like Flash Flex doesn't have great SEO capabilities, and I guess for an online only store that would be important. But I'm thinking that alot more interactivity can be achieved building an online store in Flex... Anyway if anyone has any opinions would be much appreciated...

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          AnthonyPetty Level 1
          I am no expert on flex, but I've heard that there are things you can do to make flex sites SEOed. (Search Engine Optimized) But I wouldn't be the person to ask about that.

          But I do run an online store that was built in php (zencart) and runs with a mysql backend. We have decided to switch our frontend to flex, and use php as our middle man to access our mysql database. For us, flex will give our users a better experience. I personally like the ability that flex gives you to separate the front end from the back end, so that you can make your site available to more users on more platforms. That is an obvious benifit over php.

          Also, with Flex 3 coming out soon, and Adobe AIR, you can even make a front end for your store that runs as a local application on a users computer - I'd like to see php do that! :-)

          But using flex you wont get away from php totally - you will still need it for database access and the like.
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            tom.synnott Level 1
            Hi there thanks for the info!

            I really like the extra functionality that Flex can offer... The only thing I have noticed is that many Flex sites look very similar... Does anyone have any examples of site's that don't look like they were built in Flex but really are?
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              AnthonyPetty Level 1
              My current site is a combination of Flex and php. I built a flex app that lists songs and sits on top of our website. Our plan was to start building components in flex and integrate them into our website, then switch over to 100% flex when we have enough built. But you can check out our song picker here....