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    Change Speed of Image Slide show


      I have an image slide show that was created in Flash CS3 with a fade  transition. I want to slow down the slide show so the pictures display  longer. Is there an easier way to change the speed of the slide show  other than dragging each frame on the time line?

      I dragged each frame 20 frames longer and it's not working for me. It seems as though some images display much longer than other. Does anyone know of a quick fix for this?

      Thank you in advance, Karen

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Without knowing the details of how the slide show is designed, it's hard to offer suggestions.  If it is a purely timeline-based design, then you could place a stop(); command in a frame where an image shows and then use a setTimeout() command to control how long the timeline stays stopped there before a play(); command is executed.

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            Karen0615 Level 1

            Thnaks for your help Ned! I guess I don't know enough about Flash to explain the slide show in detail. I was just using logic and thought that if I increased each frame by x amount of frames, that would work.  I'm not even sure how to make the changes per your reply. I created this shlide show when I took a class in Flash (about 3 years ago) and can't remember much since I haven't used it. Now I'm stuck. Thank you again for your reply.


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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you don't know anything about using code in Flash, then your only option without it is to add frames as you have already done, just more of them.  If you check the frame rate of your file, that will tell you roughly how many frames play per second, so you'd have to add whatever number of frames to get whatever number of seconds.


              For the coded approach, you would just have to add code like the following to the key frame where an image is in full view...




              setInterval(startAgain, 5000);  // that's 5000 msecs (5 seconds)


              function startAgain(){




              If you have more than one image that you want to delay, then you would repeat the green code for each image as needed along the timeline.  But the blue code would be a shared function so you would place it in the first frame on a separate layer that extends the full length of the timeline-- that makes it available to the green code wherever it is on the timeline.

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