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    Easter Egg: Navigation shortcut

    Tim Strickland Level 1
      Ever wanted to see the 100th, 1000th, or even the 10,000th theme without having to use the arrows to navigate through the long list ? Well now you can. Using the following search shortcuts it is now possible to easily jump to the n-th record in the popular, highest rated, and newest theme listings by entering the following into kuler's search field:

      popular:[startIndex] (example - popular:1000)

      rating:[startIndex] (example - rating:1000)

      newest:[startIndex] (example - newest:1000)

      And if that's too much text to type in, you can simply enter the first initial of the listing type followed by a colon and then the record number you wish to navigate to, similar to the following examples:

      p: 100 - this will navigate to the 100th popular theme

      r: 9999 - this will navigate to the 9999th highest rated theme

      n:12345 - this will navigate to the 12345th newest theme

      Note: the record count displayed at the bottom of the search results corresponds to the number of records from the first record indicated in you search query to the last record in the selected theme listing.

      Happy Searching!

      Tim Strickland
      lead kuler geek