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    Capture action freezes mouse - Premier Elements 2.0


      I have been using Premier Element 2.0 on Windows XP successfully for many years.

      I have a Canon DV camera utilizing a firewire setup.  Just recently, when firing off a capture

      the Adobe goes ahead and captures, but I cannot stop the capture without actually turning off the camera.

      The mouse has no affect or use in the Adobe window until the camera is turned off.  Once I repower the camera,

      I can start a capture again, but the same thing eventually happens.  I have tried a different firewire cable, but have not replaced the interface card.

      Anyone work through this issue, yet?


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          nealeh Level 5

          What you describe reminds me of my wireless mouse when its batteries are close to exhaustion. Try putting fresh batteries in and see if that makes a difference.


          I use AA batteries with a built in USB connector (you just lift the + terminal cap to reveal the connector). So I always have two plugged into a USB hub ready to be swapped when the installed ones run down.


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