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    How do I write the Actionscript to execute this interactive Music Video?


      I am trying to create an  interactive music video in After Effects and Flash.
      The concept is that while the music video is taking place the user can   decorate the hair of the woman with any of the objects they select.    There will be predetermined animations and destination spots but the   user can choose whatever objects they select to be delivered to the   predetermined spot.  I need to figure out how to let the user to select   an object that will become part of the animation.  I created a PDF   Roughly explaining what I am trying to do.  If anyone can help me I'd  be  very grateful as I am more versed in After Effects, I don't know   ActionScript well enough to execute what I am trying to do.

      Below  is a rough example of what I am trying to do.  There will be a music  video of an animated woman singing.  As she is singing the user will be  able to click any of the objects , below the numbers 1-10.  Below it is  illustrated that the user wants to press the blue number 2.  If the user  presses the 2 the 2 will animate in the mouth of a bird to a  predetermined pre-animated spot.  I assume I need to send a movieclip to  a blank  holder on the timeline and use a gotoAndPlay() action ???  I  am not well versed in ActionScript so any advice would help








      Now whatever number (movieclip) the user chooses  next needs to be placed in another blank spot in the timeline? Below the  user selcts the Pink 5.







      If the user just wanted to Place two "Blue 2's"  then the "Blue 2's" would follow the same animated path and end up at  the same predetermined space.





      If the user selected just 5's and 7's they would  go to the predetermined preanimated paths




      How would I go about writing the  Actionscript for this?