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    Parse data from Guildox.com




      I know this is an odd request but I'm sure someone's up for the challenge. I'm quite new to building applications with Flash Builder (or anything else for that matter. Currently I'm working on a "simple" intro site to our guild's main site. The site will have an animated intro and display our guild's achievements which are entered into a database. So far that's coming along just fine.


      Explanation of Challenge


      What I'd like to do is display our guild's rank as indicated on Guildox.com. They have a convention to display this information in a block on a CMS I've attached the code they give for my particular guild. What I'd like is to grab just the rank number and display that in my application. All of the other information in relation to this ranking is static and I don't want the preformatted block they offer (not even sure how to include that if I wanted it).



      <script src='http://www.guildox.com/go/go.asp?c=b&h=1&f=ff8c00&t=10A&n=Celestial+Advocates&r=Silver+Hand%2DUS'></script>


      I don't expect you to give me a complete tutorial. What would be great is to let me know if this is something simple or complex. If it's simple enough then if you could point me in the right direction that would be great.


      I appologize if this isn't clear enough, I lack the knowledge needed to give a more concise description.

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          Not Simple.


          What you want is something to do screen-scraping.  You usually don't use Flex apps for that.  More importantly , I didn't see a crossdomain file on this guildox website.  Meaning , if Flash tries to connect to it from ANY domain , it will throw a security error and kick the bucket.