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    Binding to XML object breaks when entire variable updated

    Fred in Orlando

      I have code like this:

      [BINDABLLE] public var MDS:XML =     <resultset>   <A0310A>99</A0310A>   ...      </resultset>;     
      private var MDS22:XML =     <resultset>      <A0310A>02</A0310A> ... </resultset>;



      <com:MyComboBox id="mdscombo" tag="A0310A"  change="mdsChange(event)" selectedValue="{MDS.A0310A}" /> WHICH WORKS FINE


      If I try to update the entire MDS variable, the combobox does not reflect the change; however if I just update a single element like MDS.A0310A = "02" this works just fine.


      I've got between 50 and 500 xml nodes (depending on how I design this) and I would like to avoid the code to set each element individually.  Is there something I'm missing?   I could chnage this date element to an ArrayCollection, if that would help; but I just "see" my data as XML.


      I'm using Flex 3, but plan to upgrade to Flex 4 soon, if that would matter.