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    Illustrator license not working


      I'll try to make this simple, cause I think it is a simple solution, I may have done something wrong.


      1. My Mac was running terribly.

      2. I backed up my entire mac onto external hard drive.

      3. Erased my bad-running mac and reinstalled OS.

      4. Dragged my Adobe software folders back onto my brand new Mac in the Applications folder.

      5. They won't open. I've only tried Illustrator so far and it tells me the license has stopped working. I'm assuming I'll get the same response with any other Adobe product.


      Are there other things I need to bring back to my new Mac?


      I know I could just reinstall the entire CS3 suite, but is there something else? I must have everything that enabled it to open before on my external hard drive, so what did I miss?