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    special, delayed, popup over page

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      Dear Forum Friends,


      Hi there. Hope all is well and life is bliss...


      Have a question:

      Picture 3.png


      1. Does anyone know what you call this kind of popup that appears after you rollover an image, in this case, a video? Assuming it is a jquery or mootools? This one is on this page:




      Could someone bear to tell / explain where or how to find such a item?


      2. How can one tell from looking at ANY webpage, where the code is from that runs something on that page, or can one? Assuming it is one of the .js scripts?


      3. Also, understand these are 2 types of 'plugins' that one can use with Dreamweaver. Are there other types of 'plugins' for DW, other brand names?


      Have gotten a mootools and a jquery slider/slideshow to work, so am thinking maybe would be able to do something like this? What do you think?


      Thanks so, so much for any thots on the subject,