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    Swap to another movieclip

      How can I swap from a movieclip "a" to movieclip "b" if "a" (instance name "a") is already put on the stage whereas "b" is in the library.
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          To swap one clip for another, you just want to attach a new clip at the same
          depth as the old clip.
          Here's a function that will swap a clip with one from the library - the
          instance name, and clip position stay the same.

          function swapClips(originalClip:MovieClip, newClipLinkage:String) {
          var d = originalClip.getDepth();
          this.attachMovie(newClipLinkage, originalClip._name, d,
          {_x:originalClip._x, _y:originalClip._y});

          If clipB has a linkage name of "libraryClip_B" then you'd swap a and b with:

          swapClips(clipA, "libraryClip_B");


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