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    Can AE's temporal accuracy limit be changed?




      This is a pretty esoteric question.

      I've been working on a technique that involves tracing complex motion paths at high speeds, so as to 'draw' shapes using Trapcode Particular.

      But I seem to have run into a limit of how many position coordinates AE can generate per-second, so lines come out dotted rather than smooth.  I've also tried using CC Glue Gun, another plugin that emits particles, and found the same problem.


      The temporal sampling seemed to top out somewhere around 31,000 samples per second. 

      Since the maximin fps is 99, and the max adaptive samples per frame for motion blur is 256, it makes sense that temporal sampling beyond 25344Hz would not be considered necessary. 


      Still, does anyone know if there is some specific factor that determines this limit and/or how it can be changed? 





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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          Since there is no way to increase the framerate to a value above 99fps, I don't believe that what you're looking for will be possible. Keeping on the esoteric mindset, if you're using a particle generator, there won't be such a thing as a line that is not created by individual dots. No matter what temporal or spatial resolution you're using. If you could zoom in indefinitely, you'd see that the line would be constructed of very closely adjacent individual points. What's the exact problem that you're running into? Is the line not seeming "solid" enough? Perhaps adjusting the physics time factor in Particular would help?

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            You could "draw" at the maximum speed that still gives smooth-looking paths and then use time-remapping or Timewarp to speed the layer up to whatever you need.

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              naj0rk Level 1

              Agreed.  The easiest work-around seems to be setting up a pre-comp at a lower fps, and then speeding it up after.  It's still a work around though. 

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Na, you are oversimplifying. You could ramp up the sub-frame samples to a gigazillion and it still would not work, if Particular did not emit its particles at these sub-frame increments and compensated for the actual comp frame rate. That's all it boils down to. Classical temporal aliasing/ interference vs. spatial sub-sampling paradox. I don't see your problem, though. Nothing is stopping you from producing the animations at a fraction of the target speed, rendering them and then speeding them up. It may be inconvenient and have you deal with huge intermediate render files, but it's perfectly workable. Particular even has a Physics Time Factor for your convenience....


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                  naj0rk Level 1

                  The problem is indeed that the line in not solid enough.

                  The drawing is always dots on some level, but the motion is curves which are infinite.  I am able to draw more dots per second than I am able to retrieve coordinates on the curve, which seems odd since the opposite should be less intensive to process.

                  Since AEs limit is by the second rather than by the frame, cutting the frame-rate in half allows for twice the points to be displayed.  That's my workaround for the moment, but it would be cool if there was some hidden setting someplace.