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    Repeating indexation & adaptation in Premiere CS5


      I would like to provide a video from different scraps in CS5. As basic material there is only the normal SD material (.mpeg) which lies on my external Video-Raid server.
      However, problem is the following: I pull the videos in CS5 purely, then these become automatically indexed and are adapted. Then I take the next scrap and pull this again purely, he indexed and resembles again in etc.
      However, then CS5 falters all at once briefly (because I, e.g., briefly in another window change,  to search next videoscrap) and all videos become newly indexed and are adapted. With accordingly big or several videoscraps lasts extremely long what irritates of course.
      Question: why does this indexation recur over and over again? Where could the problem lie? If is my computer system:
      Laptop ASUS with
      Intel Core2Dou P8600 2.4Ghz
      4 GB Ram
      Win7 64bit
      possibly already too lame for CS5?


      About tips I would be very grateful to You because I cannot go on working at the moment so of course. I also do not want to paint to me at all how this should run if my HD material is used...


      PS: Sorry for my bad english