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    Adding A Quit Button to the Last Slide

      Hi all,

      One of the most requested features on our first Breeze project was a "quit" button. The easiest way to do so in an HTML environment is to use the command

      javascript: window.close();

      Type this into the address bar on your browser, and hit return. Isn't that neat?

      Okay, the scripting language in Flash (Actionscript) can simulate typing something in the address bar with the command

      getURL ("javascript: window.close();");

      ...all we have to do is add that actionscript to the onRelease event handler for a button in Flash. Then, add the button to your PowerPoint before you use Presenter, and when the student clicks it... voila!

      This same trick can be used to replace that MacroDobe© logo in the Breeze player. This time, when the user clicks the button, we'll use javascript to pop up an alert box with a clever message:

      getURL ("javascript: alert('Aren't we clever?');";

      This button has to be small, around 50 x 29 pixels, to properly replace the logo. To actually replace it, you need to publish your presentation to the hard drive like normal. Next, find the folder you published to, and place a copy of your "button.swf" file in the "data" subfolder. Then, edit (don't "open") the vconfig.xml file in the same subfolder using notepad. Near the top, you'll find an entry that says:

      <uireplace name="logo" value= "" />

      place the name of your button file between the quotation marks and save:

      <uireplace name="logo" value= "button.swf" />

      When you load up the training next time, the logo will have changed to your button.

      You'll have to do this every time you publish the training, as Presenter deletes & recreates all those subfolders each time you do. BTW, MacroDobe© does offer a small applet to parse this xml file for you... but they want 5 grand per copy. I'm thinking notepad works just as well :)


      Marc B