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    Capture pixels from incoming NetStream.



      I am using Action script 2.0, Flash CS4. Flash Media Server.

      Working on windows 7.


      I have read this tutorial.



      Its all working fine. I can put Pixel Effects on My Video Panel and it works fine when I broadcast my video using my web cam.


      I want to implement same effect on the Incoming NetStream. But when I try to implement same effects on incoming NetStream it throws Security Error that

      Connection to rtmp://localhost/videochat halted - not permitted from file:///D|/xampp/xampp/htdocs/MIKE/Test/clientAS2/videochat.swf


      I wonder why I can not capture pixels information using BitmapData for incoming NetStream ??

      is there anybody who worked on it .. or any information on it ..Or any alternative on it ... ??


      Thanks in advance