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    Livecycle/Dataservices 2.6.1 [Transient] property

    jasenm Level 1

      Hi Guys and Girls


      I am using livecyle 2.6.1 with AIR 2.0.2 and a java backend, with the flex 3.4 SDK.


      I have a managed collection with a property that has a [Transient]  variable set which is used as a flag for products that have been  ordered.This variable is only used locally.


      This collection/dataservice connection has been set to autoSync enabled, however when I change this flag the collection is updated to the server, is there a way to have this changed to not update to the collection to the server when this flag is set.


      I thought (wrongly apparently) having a property denoted as [Transient] was to avoid this default behaviour.


              public var isOrdered:Boolean=false;  


      Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.