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    Cancel data download and Server Security


      I own a music webpage where users can listen to some free music. The thing is that I'm trying to create a 30 seconds preview player, and I made it work. (code @ http://flash.pastebin.com/f7affefe1 )
      The problem is that after those 30 seconds even after stopping the sound and the movie the flash movie keeps receiving the whole song, so for each preview I receive the 100% of the mp3 song, this is a huge and non-sense loss of bandwidth as I only need those 30 seconds.

      My question is if it is possible to stop the stream or stop receiving the data somehow.

      My other problem with this is that to load the mp3 song I have to put the url of the xml file that contains the path to the file in the ActionScript code, so anyone with basic knowledge in AS can download the songs from the server.
      Is there any other way to protect the path or prevent downloading those mp3 files?

      Thanks in advice