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    Begging For Help with XML Flash Site


      Hey guys i am new to Flash and am currently working with an XML based flash template.

      When i open the .fla file, none of the text or images show up.  I understand this is b/c i have to edit the xml file in dreamweaver.

      However that is a very complicated way of doing it b/c then i have to keep going back and forth between several programs and saving, and updating, and never getting of "live view" of the chages i am making.


      My question is:  Is there really no way for me to edit the whole xml flash template in Flash CS5?


      Meaning is there some sort of way to import or manipulate the files so that i can edit the text and images directly in flash pro cs5 and not having to keep going into dreamweaver?


      Im sorry if this is a noob question, but im hoping somebody can help or atleast point me in the right direction.


      Thanks guys!