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    CS5 Premiere Pro completely unusable for me =(

    Mojo1 Level 1

      First let me say that I was never a Premiere user prior to my very recent upgrade to CS5 Master (and it WAS part of why I went with the monster collection of Adobe goodies) - before now, I had pretty much only worked on photographs/graphics, never movies within CS. However, in the past 2 years, we have added a lot of HD footage for the family, and I was REALLY excited to tear loose using Adobe-level sophistication...


      My first project was going to be a wholesale reproduction of about 120 minutes of family high-def footage... NOTE: I have been using Windows Live Movie Maker to handle it thus far, without ANY problems or slowdowns, but thought I now wanted to step it up and make the movies look really good using Premiere.


      First, Premiere cannot read Windows Movie formats directly... ok, that is probably a Redmond thing. So, I take about 8.5G of footage and convert it into a HD Windows Media Movie, which Premiere can read - it was actually made smaller - about 2.7G!


      I find this file and click on import to Premiere... and now I am stuck in forever land. It never completes, and the app hangs to where I have to force a shutdown of the app. Making matters worse, now whenever I try to open Premiere, it hangs on startup (guessing it may be trying to recover from the forced shutdown???).


      I have seen a few (understatement of the year) posts about memory / lag issues with Premiere CS5, and I am guessing my issue is related. But, to say I am disappointed would be putting it mildly.


      My current system:

      • Vista x64 SP2
      • Intel Core2 Duo 3.16 GHz
      • 4G RAM
      • ATI Radeon HD 4870


      So far I have been using various FREE software packages to handle my movie creation... imagine my disappointment when I finally get a top-of-the-line software package and it is essentially useless??? If the package cannot handle a couple of hours of HD footage without a hiccup (or requiring some insane hardware), this package is junk =(


      EDIT: probably not junk, but dayam I am seriously sadened by this.