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    Layers sometimes get shifted during export.


      I am working on a video using Premiere Elements 8 in which I place arrows that point to different items on the screen. These arrows are .png files created in Photoshop Elements. When I export the movie using the AVI format with the DV PAL Widescreen preset the arrow sits in its proper place. However when I export the video in the Windows Media format with the preset I detail bellow the arrow gets shifted.

      In a video I prepared where I isolated this behavior the arrow get shifted upwards, in the real video I’m preparing the arrows are shifted downwards.

      Is this a bug or what?





      The presets for wmv I used are

      Codec: Windows Media Video 9
      Encoding passes: one
      Bitrate: constant
      Frame: 720 x 540
      Framerate: 25
      Pixel aspect: square
      Max bitrate: 2,029.33
      Image quality: 100
      Decoder complexity: Auto
      Keyframe interval: 4
      No buffer