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    Lost in public method (yes, I do)

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      Hi everybody,


      I am loosing my mind on this one since friday, please help me, my brain starts to liquify.


      I have a MainClass on a FLA file that defines both public, private, statics or not, properties and methods.


      I also have a package named 'components' that stocks Sprite sub-classes for my movie exportable clips. In one of them, I use the "this.root" property to access my main class instance elements at runtime.


      When I try to access my main class public properties, this is just sweet like honey.


      When I access public method references, same thing, I can trace them and have a true reponse to the question : [myPublicMethod is Function] ?


      BUT, when I want to execute the public methods, like MainClass(this.root).myPublicMethod(), the compiler boldly throws this at me :


      Error 1195: Attempted access of inaccessible method myPublicMethod through a reference with static type MainClass.


      What am I doing wrong here ?


      Any help will save neurons, collegues, mouse and screen



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          IFZen Level 1

          Well, I made it working by not typing the this.root access, something like that :


          var myMainClassInstance:* = this.root;



          And it works, the compiler is ok and running time is good.


          Before that here is what I tried, desperatly : MyMainClass(this.root).myPublicMethod();




          Well, today is another day,