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    ADT  native installation

    alamata Level 1



      i try tu rin this example from adobe developer resource




      about the native porcess


      but i can't make a native installer (.exe) with ADT


      i have try with this command


      C:\Flex4AIR2\bin\adt -package -storetype pkcs12 -keystore Cert.p12 -storepass XXXX -target native NativeProcessTest.exe NativeProcessTest-app.xml NativeProcessTest.swf NativeApps/Windows/bin/echoTestWindows icons


      after opening the command pompt with cd pointing to my src folder of my flex project


      rem : i have put NativeProcessTest.swf in the src poject with the certificat


      i have tried a lot of combinaison but no succes,...


      have you an issue


      rem: run on 7 64 bits