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    After Effects CS5 won't open - Dynamic Link Issue - URGENT


      hello folks,


      a week ago i installed the cs5 production premium and everything worked fine. today when i came to the studio, my AE was working fine (no Optocal Flares installed). then i had to open an old AE project (i think cs3), imported it and hey, OF plug in missing. installed that, reopened and got that message on the startup:


      Screen shot 2010-07-12 at 1.29.20 PM.png




      i tried to reinstall it, but it dind't help, also the OF removal didn't achieve anything. and now i'm here, looking for help. any quick advise there what to do?

      system running: mac pro, 10.6.4


      complete failure report on demand



      +++ thank YOU +++