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    Exported swf stutters randomly

    Stan Fiorentino

      Hey there everyone!


      I'm editing a composition in AE which uses fragments of movie files and exporting as an swf format file for use on a website.


      The general look is good but the playback stutters randomly (at different points each time). I have tried altering all the variables that I can find but cannot seem get get the files to play back without stuttering.


      This happens when either playing from the website online AND when played directly off the local drive... so we can assume its nothing to do with streaming bandwidth.


      Is there a better way of producing these edits - in flash perhaps?


      I need some of these files to loop continualy and some to freeze on the last frame. See the files in action on www.brentleyjames.co.uk


      Thanks guys and girls!!!


      Stan x

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Simple sync and performance issues, which is a known fact with FLV video directly embedded into an SWF. Place the files externally and stream them via an invisible player skin. That aside, the whole page design is pretty *narf*, so the video doesn't really add anything and you could probably get it as equally boring looking without it. (personal opinion)