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    Adobe file and Camera file/crashing


      1.) Frist, I posted on the forum (thursday) because we were experiencing some crashing problems and have not been on the program since. Now, whenever I open an old project or create a new project the program freezes once it is loaded immediately. Right when everything loads up, before I can even do anything, it is completely frozen and i have to force quit. Any idea why I could create/open projects 4 days ago, but now the program won't even let me do any of that


      2.) When creating a new project, I am having trouble distinguishing what the best project file is for all my videos.


      For my old videos I want to edit, all the videos are .mov's, .mp4's, and m4v's.


      And the new camera is shooting in a .MTS format.


      When creating a new project, I know to go into settings to see all the options, but how do I know which setting works best for each video format. Is there some sort of guide I should be looking at?




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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          With mixed Assets, I believe that it is best to choose the Assets that you have the greatest quantity of, and establish a Preset to match that footage 100%. Then, convert the mis-matched footage to match in all aspects, that "majority" source footage, prior to Import. That takes all the variables out of the mix.


          Good luck,



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            LevinLevin44 Level 1

            That makes sense and I may have just found the right format, however it still does not allow me to open adobe up sucessfully.

            Opening new/old projects both ways are freezing? What possibly could be the cause?




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              LevinLevin44 Level 1

              Does this have to do with my laptop?


              Dell Laptop- Latitude E6410


              System Details

              Genuine Windows 7, 32-bit, no media

              Intel Core i5-540 92.53GHz, 3M cache) with Turbo Boost Technology

              Microsfot Office Starter 2010

              Intel HD Graphics with ExpressCard

              3.0GB, DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM, 2 DIMMS

              No Intel vPro Technology's advanced management features

              320GB 7200rpm Hard Drive

              No Modem

              Dell Wireless 1501 802.11b/g/n Half Mini Card


              Am I going to have enough space to be saving work now and for the future? Should we be looking into getting an external hard drive?

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Assuming that you've manually gone to Windows Update and downloaded even the non-critical updates to your operating system, you should be able to work with this program on that computer. (Although, as a rule, laptops aren't the best for editing, since they usually sacrifice power for portability. But yours is a pretty hot system, so it may work if it's fully updated.) Also, if you haven't already, be sure to go to Premiere Elements Help menu and select Check for Updates to ensure you have the latest Adobe patch for your software.


                In my opinion, your issues are most likely related to the mix is assets you're putting into a project.


                It looks like you may be mixing video from non-standard video sources, like Flip camcorder or even still cameras, with AVCHD footage and that's going to cause problems.


                If you can tell us the names of each of the camcorders you're getting your footage from, we can probably recommend workflows or conversions that you can use to get all of your video into the same format before you start adding them to a project.


                In fact, if one of those camcorders uses a standard format (tape-based miniDV or HDV or hard-drive AVCHD), we can do a test project of just this footage to see how stable your system is.

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                  LevinLevin44 Level 1

                  I restarted my computer than went into my control manual and turned my trouble shooting to none for the hardware acceleration and I have been able to open up some projects. The camera I am using is a Sony HDR-CX 5550V. When importing, it seems to save in a .MTS format. From now on, it seems to be smartest to create new projects with the preset: Hard Disk, Flash memory camcorders, then standard 48kHz. The reason I believe this seems right because it says its best for Sony HDR and NTSC files. Is this a good idea to use this preset?


                  I have given up on the idea of editing old videos that we shot on other cameras, because that seems to only give me trouble.


                  But, now that I want that preset, I created a template file for subtitles and other slides with another preset a few days ago. My plan is from now on to open that project, save as and create my project so I don't have to keep creating these subtitles. However, i created it in the wrong preset. Is there a way to go back and change the preset to the one I want so I can upload videos to it?




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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    Could it be that that camcorder is the Sony Sony HDR-CX 550V? I could not find specs on the camcorder you listed.


                    If so, yours is a hybrid camcorder, capable of shooting in both AVCHD and standard def, hard drive DV.


                    If you are shooting in 1920x1080, you are shooting in AVCHD and you should be using the AVCHD 1920x1080 preset. If your camcorder is shooting in 5.1 audio, it's also very important that you choose that particular project preset.


                    Working with the right project preset is vital, if you want stability and efficiency in your work.


                    Have you checked out my free tutorials Basic Training with Premiere Elements on videomaker support site http://Muvipix.com? In part 1, I explain how and why it's important to use the right project preset. In my books, available on Amazon.com and at the Muvipix store, I go into much more detail.


                    Officially you can't change a project presets after you start a project. You must make your settings when you first start. However, there is a hack out there for changing project settings in mid-project. It may be in Hunt's Tips&Tricks, to the right of this forum, or you can post your question to the Community forum at http://Muvipix.com. The person who created the hack is one of the moderators over there and I'm sure he'll respond soon.