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    IDE - Build Cycle Error

    NYY60504 Level 1
      I am continually receiving build cycle messages inside the FLEX2 IDE. I clean the projects - no use. I try going to the properties panel to resolve the issue, but the prop panel throws an error message "The currently displayed page contains invalid values."
      and does not allow me to view build paths, etceteras to fix the cycle errors - no use.

      How can I fix what the IDE will not display?
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          Hi- You certainly shouldn't be getting that "invalid values" error message. It sounds like something is corrupted in your workspace.

          One thing you can try is to close projects one by one until the build cycle message goes away or at least changes to something else. See if you can narrow it down to a particular project. Once you've narrowed it down you might try recreating that project.

          Another thing that would help us help you is to log a bug at http://bugs.adobe.com/jira . If you can zip up your workspace and post it that's great, and if you don't want to publicly post the source code in your projects, then it would still be helpful just to include the project settings files that start with a dot.. e.g. .project, .actionScriptProperties, and .flexProperties, found in each project folder. That will help us try to reproduce the problem in-house.

          Thanks much,