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    Enabling vertical scrollbar in browser



      I have a Flex 4 web application with one of the states(page) going beyond the visible area of the browser. The scrollbar right now is visible but disabled and hence the bottom portion of my page is not displayed at all.

      i tried setting the overflow field in html to "on" but didnt help.

      Can someone pls advise a solution for this?



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          Shongrunden Adobe Employee

          Does your Application tag have height="100%" set on it?

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            I'm interested in the solution to this as well, since I"m having the same problem.


            I have my height and width set to 100% at the Application level.


            I've made the changes in the index.template.html file (changed "scroll="no", to "auto", and removed "overflow:hidden).


            I'm using viewstacks, and their scrollbars can be utilized when content is larger than the browser window, but I'd prefer to use the browser scrollbars when needed.  For some reason, I'm unable to activate them.


            Any help is greatly appreciated.

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              Flex harUI Adobe Employee

              Flex/Flash does not communicate any desired size out to the HTML wrapper.  I

              think you'll have to do so and use ExternalInterface to call some JS to set

              the size of the SWFObject

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                You might find it easier, as I did, to look back thru your components and see if they all have percent height and width ie. 100%.


                I discovered my main problem was that the bar charts and pie charts, which seemed ok when I was developing on my work computer, but when I moved it to the production server and looked at it from my laptop the bottom of the screen is not viewable. Laptop is 1280x720 which causes the bottom of a number of sites to be non viewable even some of Adobe's (chuckle).

                What found was that by default are too big to display at 1280x720.


                Now I can see everything and I can resize the pages and everything shrinks or expands to fit as I resize the browser.