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    sequence of frames playing very slow


      Hi - I edit animated frames on Premiere, hence I bring on sequences of TGA frames (import, choose file, click 'numbered stills' to bring in a sequence)

      I do this over a network (our server runs Windows 2003 Server with quite a meaty switch as we work with large Photoshop files, animations and the such like). All previous versions of Premiere have worked fine and my current CS3 version plays and scrubs through the timeline fine but my trial version of CS5 is pants. It loads all my sequenced frames in fine but click play in the preview window and nowt; it just can't do it. Transfer the files locally and it *just* about does it after a bit of thought... I have an excellent machine (3Ghz Quad, 10 GB Ram etc) with a new Nvidia card GDDR5 1GB, the Mercury engine thing is on and working and my network is fine and very quick for everything else in the world that is large. Even sequencing up some simple tgas doesn't work and chuggs like an old train...

      I know you will all say 'don't do it over a network' or 'you need a fatser switch' etc (which is a logical response) but all other stuff works fine and CS3 was fine.


      What on earth can I do to make CS5 usable?