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    RoboHelp 8 hangs, locks up, when rearranging / adding folder in Project Manager

    Philip Tory Level 1

      'Afternoon everyone,


      I'm working on a client's project that has 329 topics; I have imported it from RH5 into RH8 HTML.


      In Project Manager, the project files are arranged into about 20 folders. I wanted to rearranging the order of these by drag and drop.


      This worked OK for the first two moves; but the third move made RH hang; it locked up. After waiting 15 minutes, I used Ctrl+Alt+Del to shut it down.


      Opened it again. I tried to add a new folder into the Project Files folder, but it hangs / locks up again. Can't do anything except crash out of it and try again. Then I get the same problem again - it hangs when I try to add a new folder.


      The project files only take 26Mb on disk, but in Task Manager, RoboHelp is running at 45% CPU, 114 Mb Mem Usage, on a fairly high-spec PC. And there it hangs.


      Any ideas, anyone?