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    Rotating video 180 degrees?

    AllenColeman Level 1

      I have a special need to be able to rotate certain clips within a video 180 degrees.  I am mounting a small video camcorder in a mid-power model rocket and will be launching the camcorder to an altitude of approximately 5000'.  During the ascent (Phase 1), the video will be oriented correctly.  At apogee, the rocket will eject a small drogue parachute to create a rapid but controlled descent (Phase 2) until the altimeter senses roughly 500' altitude at which point, it will eject a large main parachute for a slow descent and soft landing (Phase 3).  During Phase 2, the camcorder will be suspended upside down from the drogue parachute.


      Is there a method in Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0 (or any other reasonably priced video editing software) that I can rotate the entire clip of Phase 2 (estimated at 30 to 120 seconds) by 180 degrees in order to compensate for the camcorder recording in an upside down orientation during this phase?


      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.