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    getting form content


      First, thank you to the entire community for the help you have all given me, invaluable.


      Okay.  I have created a form, easy enough (kind of) now how do I get the information that my site visitors will be filling in?


      I am on the newer side of designing so PHP etc. is still beyond my current experience level.


      What is the easiest way to get the information that will be filled out on the form I have created?


      Thanks for the help.



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          MurraySummers Level 8

          Google "form processing" and find a 3rd party form processing script that will send your email.  Use it.  You will learn a great deal by doing this.

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            mhollis55 Level 4

            You have to do server-side scripting in order to get anything off of a form.


            So, if you like "free," php is probably the best way to go as most hosting systems have it. What I did was to painstakingly enter in form and server-side stuff from Craig Grannell's Web Designer's Reference. He covers this in Chapter 10.


            Now this is a five-year-old book. But I still find myself going back to it.


            Another way would be to try to download a complete form that uses php (or a technology your hosting provider supports) and put it into your web page. There are a lot out there that are searchable and, if you do in-line php code inside your web page, it will tend to work pretty well.


            Of course some people tell me that doing in-line php is completely wrong, one should not use it and that the correct way to do php or any kind of server-side scripting is to have php call html. But this is a Dreamweaver forum and Dreamweaver correctly marks up and formats php, ASP and ColdFusion code. Additionally, Adobe's books (most written by Jeffrey Bardzell and Bob Flynn) show how to do this using in-line code, so Adobe must be in favor of this.


            So, step one is to find out what your hosting provider supports (php, ASP or CF).

            Step 2 is to probably find the code for a form on the Internet or else take it out of a book like I did.

            Step 3 is to publish it with your website.

            Step 4 is to begin to learn enough of the code technology to do a little more than just a simple form.

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