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    Adobe Reader update from 9.3.2 to 9.3.3


      So, i'm trying to do the adobe reader 9 update on a user's machine.  It keeps failing with the error 1321 insufficient privlages or w/e.  I have disabled antivirus, stopped all services and it still gives me this error.  Whats so nice about this error, is it's never the same file twice.  What the crap could be holding these files open so the updater can't update?


      This isn't the first time i've seen this either - had the same issue on a completely different machine.  Ran the update, update craps out.  Never the same file twice, uninstalled - reinstalled got the same error.  After I stopped a number of misc processes / services the update applied but not on this machine.  I have 4 other reports of the same thing happening.


      Any Ideas?