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    startDrag element with rotationY or rotationX bug

    karkara+ Level 1

      Hello there,


      I´ve looked a  lot in the web but it seems that no one got this problem... or at least  not published it.

      I´m making a startDrag with bounds on a element  with rotationY value. Ok, it drags, but when got in the bounds it just  give a huge bug, distorting the element scale. I tryed some other things  but nothing worked - like put the drag canvas without rotationY inside  another canvas with the rotationY. I tryied on Flex Builder 3 and Flash  Builder and both gives the same bug. Does anyone has an idea or got this  error?


      PS:  in Flex Builder 3 we need to configure it to accept rotationY or  rotationX parameters.

      This bug is cleared related to rotationY for  me because this parameter modifys the 2d into a 3d space, so the  rectangle could not be right. I wish someone can help me! Thanks!



      <?xml  version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


      <mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml"




               backgroundGradientColors="[#0694F7, #501A82]"  backgroundGradientAlphas="[1.0, 1.0]"

               horizontalScrollPolicy="off" verticalScrollPolicy="off" >






                  public function  allowDrag():void{

                      window_1.cacheAsBitmap = true;



                   public function startDragg():void{

                       window_1.startDrag(false,new Rectangle(0,10,300,0));



                   public function stopDragg():void{




                  private function  stage_mouseUp(evt:Event):void {






          <mx:Canvas  id="window_1" mouseUp="stopDragg();" rotationY="20"  mouseDown="startDragg();" width="564" height="240"  backgroundColor="#FFFFFF"/>