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    i7 930 vs i7 860

    iptinak Level 1

      I realize this is the Premiere area but it was the omly place I found where people were talking about the technical build side of things.

      I am going to be building a new computer (first build. I have learned a lot, but still have much to learn). The primary use mostly be LR3 with some PSCS5 for whatever LR can't handle (which at this point seems less and less). I do shoot with the 7D so although video is not really my thing, I may dabble with it some time soon. Anything I do will mostly likely end up being Web quality though. To a small extent I also use Dreamweaver, and may start using Adobe Flash Catalyst to work on some small Websites.com

      I am working on putting together my first build. I have learned a ton, but still have much to learn. My primary use is going to be LR3 with some PSCS5. I also shoot the 7D so expect that will soon be doing some video. I also have Premire Elements (that I have not even loaded yet!) and expect to do some stuff with a helmet cam (mtn biking). Mostly any video stuff will be generally low res and for web-viewing.


      Anyway, some benchmarks seem to show that the i7 860 outperforms the 920 (and the new 930?) (except maybe with 3d rendering). http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/47?vs=108 . It seems like it performs single core type activity better and apparently LR works like that a lot. The two CPUs are about the same price but the mobo for the 860 is a little less. I realize the RAM for the 860 might be a little lower (8 or 12 GB?) but for primarlily image editing and some low res video I would think that would suffice.


      So would the 860 give me slightly better perfomance at a lower price or am I missing something? I am still learning about this stuff so the simpler the better. I realize that either of these systems will perform well. Like I said though, I am still learning and searching and reading threads like this are helpful on my trip. Thanks for any insight or thoughts you provide!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          For video editing the 860 is not the optimal choice because of the P55 mobo. For PS and LR and very occasional PrE or even PR use, it will do OK. The 860 is about equal or slightly less than a 930, but the mobo for an 930 is way better, and overclocking is easier.


          The AnandTech comparison is way outdated. The 920 is EOL and has been succeeded by the 930 that is much better.

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            JCschild Level 3

            the 930 does outperform the 860 the tests Anad and others use

            rarely have anything to do woth real work function.

            at least for Pro Video and Pro Audio.

            for gigles here is a test for pro audio where even the 870 is bested by the 920

            (and we are talking 860/930)


            2nd test down



            the performance for Adobe/Vegas/Avid are pretty much the same spread. and with ADobe its a tad better due to memory bandwidth

            and CS5 is chewing up ram like no tomorrow.


            lastly if choosing the right components


            the 860 and 930 are the same price

            the P55 and X58 boards should be within $40-50


            so that leaves the ram as the deciding factor

            P55 is 4,8,16 gig

            X58 is 6,12,24


            so P55 (8gig) and X58 (6gig) should be the same price really


            go X58!




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              iptinak Level 1

              Thanks for the input. From what I have read LR does not use multithreading very much. It has been suggested by a few others that the 860's turbo ability is more powerful than the 930's. That should make it a better performer for the majority of tasks I'll be doing (LR, maybe some Flash/Flash Catalyst, and owe end use of Premiere Elements 8).


              Not looking at it from a high end video editing machine perspective, and assuming RAM to be equal at either 8 or 12 GB's, is there any validity to those thoughts?


              Regarding future upgrades with the sockets changing using the x58 may not matter over the P55 because by the time I upgrade again (likey 2 more probably 3 years or more) it will be an entire new playing field and require a new build again. The better mobo regarding more usable slots and channels for my narrow use my not offer and advantage over the P55 ones. Still trying to piece all this together.



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                JCschild Level 3


                Turbo should be turned OFF as ALL C states should be.

                it causes more issues than it solves.

                and while the 800 series and 900 series are all cut from the same silicon as are the Xeons 55xx series (other than the 980x which is 32nm)

                they are not the same product due to platform.

                a bad analogy but imagine a toyota pickup vs a big dodge truck

                the toyota may seem fast but you can get more done with the Dodge. the X58 would be a Dodge Hemi fast and a big haul

                (I think i have been in Kentucky too long)


                both will overclock well


                memory bandwidth on

                P55 19GB/s

                X58 28GB/s

                Adobe products are very memory hungry at this point.




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                  iptinak Level 1

                  Thanks - you pushed me over the edge so I decided I'll go the 930 route. Will probably use it with the Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R LGA 1366 X58 6GB/s USB 3.0 ATX mobo.


                  While I got your attention, what are the thoughts about the 1Gb version of the new GTX460 card (for more 2D and low end video)? I'm sure it is not the ultimate video card, but for LR and PS, Flash it would be good, yes?

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                    JCschild Level 3

                    we have a 460 showing up sometime in the next day or 2 we will report (as usual)

                    once tested. it may take a few days to get to the test believe it or not despite this supposed bad economy we are very busy