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    Linking two drop down list together


      I have two drop downs list and I need to link them together for the user to only answer one of them and it won't allow an answer in the other or vice versa. How can I set that up?



      If answer drop down list A then can't answer drop down list B


      if drop down list B is answered then drop down list A can't be answered.

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          Steve L Walker Level 5

          The attached contains two drop-down lists - apples and oranges. Each drop-down list has a default list item value of " ", thus the default index is 0 (zero). If you select a value other than default, the other drop-down list has it's access protected and the list item reset to 0 (zero). Conversely, if you select the default value, the other drop-down list becomes open or accessible.



          // form1.page1.apples::exit - (JavaScript, client)

          if (form1.page1.apples.selectedIndex != 0) {

            form1.page1.oranges.access = "protected";

            form1.page1.oranges.selectedIndex = 0;


          else {

            form1.page1.oranges.access = "open";




          // form1.page1.oranges::exit - (JavaScript, client)

          if (form1.page1.oranges.selectedIndex != 0) {

            form1.page1.apples.access = "protected";

            form1.page1.apples.selectedIndex = 0;


          else {

            form1.page1.apples.access = "open";