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    White Screen (pop out preview player)


      Hey everyone!


      I am working on some HD video files in Mp4 format, mixed with a few JPEG HD images from my Samsung HMX-H200N as well as a mp3 audio file.

      The project settings for the video is the standard HD 1080i @ 30fps (although my camera says it's a 1080i/(60)


      Nothing in particular is wrong with the editing, as it is going smoothly, but once I clicked on a video in the media section to preview, set in & out markers, and insert the video preview showed up white.  picture attached*.  I can hear the audio when I click play but no video.


      + I checked the forums but the only ones available were for the MAIN preview screen turning white, which mine works fine if I import the videos from the media section into the timeline.


      + earlier I read about performance issues so I decided to go with BLACK VIPER'S tweaked settings for my services


      + I have also moved my scratch disks to my external drive, to which I do not know the RPM's for that HDD but it is an older Simpletech 300 GB Simple Drive


      + I also created a WINDOWS MANAGED paging file for the Simpletech drive


      All of these steps taken were performed earlier this morning. And I successfully completed a project without knowing this problem existed, so that's good news.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What type of camncorder did your MP4s come from. Premiere Elements can not edit native video from Flip type camcorders or video from still cameras, per the FAQs to the right of this forum.


          The standard HD setting will also not work with that type of video. Premiere Elements can only work successfully with video from tape-based camcorders and AVCHD hi-def -- and it's likely the MP4 is neither.


          Meantime, be sure to go to the ATI or nVidia web site and ensure you have the latest driver for your video card, and go to the Apple site and ensure you have the latest version of Quicktime. SOMETIMES some system configuration can work with some non-standard video formats like this -- but, as a rule, Premiere Elements can not.

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            CruelRhetoric Level 1

            Hey Steve,


            The Mp4's came from my Samsung HMX-H200N... And they have always played before, it's puzzling.  I used this same camera on the 6th, opening day, and have been editing exclusively with Premiere since.  These were the same projects you and Hunt have been helping me with.  I experimented with the pop out player and found out how to edit from within it, so it is definately a new issue.... let me try to check for updates and I'll return with the outcome

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              CruelRhetoric Level 1

              after updating the drivers the pop out player still did not work... so back into the services I went and Lo and Behold, there it was right in front of me!


              Seems that in Black Viper's Tweaked settings he instructs you to disable WINDOWS AUDIO VISUAL EXPERIENCE, this is what was preventing the pop out player from showing anything other than the white screen.


              I enabled each service one by one to check the results in Elements, and that was a job after all the disabling I did earlier... and double checked by disabling Windows A/V Experience again and got the white screen!  So if you by chance use Black Viper's TWEAKED settings DO NOT DISABLE WAVE.



              I am using Elements 8 updated to 8.0.1 with new dll's from Adobe

              AMD Phenom II X4 810 processor 2.60 GHz

              8 GB of Ram

              64 bit O/S  windows 7 home premium



              Off subject... Do not disable HID if you plan on using your Windows RF remote control...


              hope this helps someone!!!! Good night!

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Great solution, Carlton! Thanks for reporting back!

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Thank you for reporting your success.


                  With a lot of the Windows "Media Center" stuff, it seems that NLE's do not work well. While one might suspect that being able to do more from a "media center," would be a good thing for working with video, it appears that a lot of it gets in the way. Most of those features are for things like TV tuners, and the like, and do not work well with an NLE program, especially from Adobe.


                  Going back many years, few users of Pinnacle and AVID could even get the programs to run on XP-MCE, and it was not recommended. Seems odd, but that was how it was. The more AV stuff included in an OS, the more issues one seems to have with NLE work.


                  Good luck,



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                    CruelRhetoric Level 1

                    LOL... anytime Steve, feels good to put some correct info into the mix sometimes...


                    Hunt, I think it is funny how the more advance we become in ANYTHING the more complicated and non-functional things become... LOL, I compare my video editing experience with the older model cars. No chips, no bits, a couple of wires, and gas and you were off!  Not so much as it is today.  Improvements are to make life a lot easier for us and produce better results, but a lot of people spend more time fixing problems than anything else.  I'm just glad that there will always be room for experts like you and Steve or I would probably be creating hieroglyphics to express my ideas LOL

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      I completely understand. On my old XKE, I did most of the service myself. Same for a couple of Toyotas. Wife bought a Saab 900-Turbo, and I popped open the hood. I looked about and did not recognize one part! I closed the hood, and do not think that I ever did more than top up the washer fluid and check the oil level. With her newest Mercedes, I don't even know where the washer fluid and dip-stick are!!!!


                      It's the same with my OS. Early days, I'd just write a batch file, something in VB, or similar, to get things done. Later, I'd just edit a bunch of .ini files. Now, I do not really know what goes on, "under the hood." Can't wait to move to Win7, as I won't even know where the settings panels are...


                      Life just ain't so simple anymore, especially for an old-guy, like me,



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                        CruelRhetoric Level 1

                        LOol... I'm getting up there in age too Hunt...  I actually use Windows 7 now due to a VERY, VERY bad experience with Vista!  But it is worth the money if you haven't made the transition yet.  I don't know how that last post of yours slipped past me, but I'm glad I saw the post from someone with a simular problem I had in this topic...  You're the man Hunt.  Thanks for all the help.  I actually went back to Magix for the "On The Fly" option and use After Effects for all the cool effects, I was just having too many problems with PrE.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          Glad to have been of a little bit of help.


                          I understand using what does the job best. I have about 6 NLE's on my various computers. Though I use PrPro for the vast majority of my work, I rely on others, just because they do something better. It might be as simple as handling some odd CODEC (saving me a conversion step), or maybe there is some automated feature that saves me time.


                          Over the decades, I have had both Photoshop and Painter (now Corel) on my machines and swap images freely between the two - each does certain things better than the other. At the end of the day, they are but tools. I might love my Snap-On open-end wrenches (spanners to Jaguar owners), but do not hesitate to grab a box-end, if needed.