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    CFMENU and Firefox

    cyber fyb Level 1
      While I was working to get the menu perfect in Internet Explorer 7, it comes the time to check what it would look like in Firefox. Oh no! It is not good!!!

      the menu is horizontal: item 1 | item 2 | item 3 | etc...

      But in Firefox, it apperas like:

      item 1
      | item 2
      | item 3
      | etc...

      At that moment, I decided to splitted two pages source; one for IE and one for Firefox. since the IE code is working well with IE, I do not want to mess too much with it while I will play with the code to adjust to the requirements - I guess - of Firefox.

      Is anybody had this problem also? Have you check your CFMENU in firefox? Have you tried to do something else than just using the example from the User Guide? If yes, let me know!