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    Stage size for a Flash website?


      I am taking a beginners Flash course and our final project is to create a movie/website in Flash. 100% Flash based. In a previous course, I made an HTML site. For this project, I am recreating that website in Flash. But what should the stage size be? That is where I am stuck. I don't know what a normal Flash site size should be to fit the screen like a normal HTML site. Can anyone help me here with this please? I already know to havethe dimentions set to 100% and 100%. But for some reason, when I use Control > Test movie, it never seems to fit right. It's either crunched together to much or spread out to far to where the header and footer are partially off the screen. I've seen posts on the web from years ago that said 950x550 is the size needed. Is that still the case? Because it just doesn't look right. With HTML the page height would adjust to the content and it would automatically scroll if needed. But Flash doesn't seem to do that. It seems that you are stuck with 1 size and you have to work around it. But I don't know what size that is supposed to be. Sorry for the long rant. Just getting really frustrated. I'm using Flash CS4 if that helps any as well.