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    Is PE8 worth it?


      I am still using PE4 and have been for a long time.  While I am an amateur who makes home movies, I have recently started an an exercise video website for which I have some commercial/business aspirations.  I have been encoding the clips in WMV 1200k bit rate and they look pretty good, but I don't want all my videos to be in an old format.  I want to start using .MPEG 4 container with H.264 codec so I can upload to YouTube, and have some flexibility to play these videos on other devices (iPhone, etc.).


      Can someone tell me if PE8 can do this?  Any other suggestions and ideas are welcome as well.


      Thanks in advance.





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, Premiere Elements 8 can output an H.264 Mp4, Paul.


          But if you're otherwise happy with version 4, I wouldn't update to version 8.


          Instead, I'd spring $29 for Quicktime Pro from Apple.com. With it, you can take the DV-AVI output from Premiere Elements 4 and convert it to a number of formats, including H.264s. Not only is this a cheaper solution, but it's one that does not risk destabilizing your machine by updating to Premiere Elements 8. It may also do a better job of encoding your files, since Apple pretty much developed that video format!


          You can then use the formula listed in the FAQs to the right of this forum.


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            PJVenuto Level 1



            Thanks.  I was thinking about Quicktime Pro anyway, but I had heard some mixed reviews.  I am going to try it.  I will also try the other advice.  Thanks again.



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              I work for a company that uses P8, and although it is alright, it comes with a lot of setbacks. It gives you trouble getting started, freezes a lot, and runs slowly. From past experience, if you have a mac etc., Final Cut Express is an excellent program that I strongly suggest. So much easier to use and it gives you even more options than p8

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                nealeh Level 5

                PRE8 has caused real problems for many users. If Adobe stick to their usual 'Elements' release schedules then PRE9 may well be launched in the Autumn/ One would hope that it resolves the PRE8 problems.


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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  From my perspective, I would hope that Adobe has spent more time addressing stability issues, offering easy ways to turn off "features," and has concentrated on giving the user the ultimate editing experience, and not adding "bells-n-whistles," that seem to be more problematic (in PrE 8), than actually helping one edit better.


                  Still, with each company trying to out bell-n-whistle each other, only time will tell. Heck, it took Pinnacle three versions to get a stable program out, and immediately followed up with two that were 'death." Have no idea how the more recent versions function, so cannot comment on them.


                  For me it would be done in this order:


                  1.) Great stability on the broadest range of equipment

                  2.) Locking of Tracks

                  3.) Track layout like PrPro, but I understand Adobe's reason for their layout, given their market

                  4.) Add Sends to Audio Mixer, like PrPro

                  5.) Preset for DSLR Video and more direct support for a few newer formats/CODEC's

                  6.) Instant link to Steve Grisetti's books...


                  Probably only a few more months, and we'll all know.



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                    P_Forrest Level 1

                    Funny, I've used PE 7 for the past year.  The only problems I ever had with it was that I didn't really know how to use properly the software until I got Steve's books this month.   Yeah, I was good at mucking about but I wasted more time figuring out what I wanted to do.


                    Anyway,  I recently bought PE 8 (in French) for my girlfriend's non-video editing computer and finally got it work quite well.   So, I decided to order from amazon.ca my own PE 8 (in English) for my PC.   And, although my PC is older,  PE 8 works as fine as PE 7.   No joke.  Of course I don't use HDV, and I convert most files from my Sony Handycam with AVCHD to DV_AVI widescreen.   As Hunt says, one must learn to turn off the things that are not needed.  Hunt told me originally it's best to turn off the 5.1 sound in my Sonycam.   I did.   I also turned off in PE 8, background rendering, etc... and it seems actually a bit faster (except for that annoying organizer pre-screen.).  It often doesn't remember the name of you file you want to RE-OPEN and when the program loads, you have to go to FILE-OPEN RECENT.   Anyway, no crashes as of yet.  I also avoid that organizer now and I created a shortcut directly to the .EXE.


                    I'm not recommending to buy PE 8 because each PC is different but my system is very stable with PE 7 and PE 8 seems fine.  Though, any new version after PE 8 will require a new 64 bit computer but I will be ready for that in the fall.





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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      And I reiterate what I said at the outset. If you're happy with the version you have, don't upgrade unless there are features you want in the newer version.


                      And, if you can accomplish the same things more cheaply, better and more efficiently with Quicktime Pro, it's really a much better way to go.

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                        P_Forrest Level 1

                        I would recommend PE 8 as a major step up from PE 4.  PE 7 was the first version that I really came to like and PE 8 allows the same effect on mulitiple clips and that is very handy to me!


                        If your computer specs can handle PE8, it is well worth it from PE 4.